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Veterans Treatment Court

If you are a veteran who is charged with a crime in Leon County, or the surrounding counties, you may be eligible for a diversion to the Leon County Veterans Treatment Court (VTC). VTC is a specialty court program. Upon successful completion, your graduation may result in the dismissal of the charges against you and your criminal record may be sealed or expunged.

​The objective of VTC is to reduce offender recidivism by linking qualified recipients to deserved assistance by providing a strong support system in a therapeutic atmosphere. The program consists of two elements — treatment and supervision.

To be eligible for VTC, the following requirements must be met:

  • Must be a veteran that is discharged or released under any condition, or
  • Must be an individual who is a current or former United States Department of Defense contractor, or
  • Must be an individual who is a current or former military member of a foreign allied country.
  • Must suffer from a military service related mental illness, traumatic brain injury, substance abuse disorder or psychological problem
  • Must not have previously been enrolled in and/or had a rejected admission to the VTC (exceptions may be made if approved by the VTC Treatment Judge).
  • Must participate in assessments and meetings with Leon County VTC personnel

For more information on VTC, please see the Leon County Veterans Treatment Court Participant Handbook.

Not all offenses qualify for admission into VTC. The State may try to fight against your case going to VTC even though you qualify under the governing law. Attorney Matthew R. Willard has extensive experience with this and can fight to get veterans into the program that was created for them.

Many law firms will charge a client their full retainer fee for a case that can go into VTC…


If you are a veteran facing criminal charges, contact fellow veteran Matthew R. Willard today!

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